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We all have experienced the serendipity of relevant information arriving just when we were least expecting it.  We want to be your serendipity!

About Pam

Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life, LOVE gives us a fairytale. Giving couples the luxurious experience of bringing their unique love story to life on their wedding day is my biggest joy!   As the founder and lead event specialist of Event-Serendipity, it is my dearest hope that I could support you in making your dreams come true on your wedding day. Event-Serendipity closely listens to understand your very own wedding day vision and creates your distinctive affair with signature touches that spotlight who you are as a couple. Our team is here to make your event seamless, flawless, and fun!


Pam has been planning and executing special events for over 12 years.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Education at the University of Texas in Austin. Her Masters in Administration was earned from Lamar University. Since 2018 Pam proudly holds a Master Certified Wedding and Event Planning Certification as well as a Wedding Design Certification from the esteemed CWP Society, world's largest membership of certified wedding planners!  In addition to her extensive training from the world's leading wedding planning certification program, Pam has also earned all of the following Travel Agent Certifications:  Dream Maker, Vacation Builder, Travel Genius, and Luxury Travel Advisor.


Your vision is our goal.

Event - Serendipity gives you the freedom to fully experience the pure joy of your celebration as if you were a guest at your own event! Enjoy your time with your loved ones while we meticulously tend to every delightful detail of your extraordinary day. We make your vision of the perfect wedding our complete focus right down to the very last detail.  Customer care is our top priority. It is our passion to serve our couples conclusively.  

Our Team

Our multi-talented team is an important part of what makes Event-Serendipity shine in the event planning industry. 

Our Mission

To give you personalized care and support in creating the distinctive event of your dreams infused with signature touches that emphasize who you are as a couple for both events and travel planning.

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