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Should I do a First Look, First Touch, or First Vow?

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Whether you are getting married close to home or having a destination wedding - inviting a small guest list or large guest list, couples usually wonder if they ought to do add a First Look, First Touch, or First Vow to their wedding day. Here are some considerations a bride and groom need to think about.

The First Look is for that couple that wants to have a private moment to get a good look at how fabulous their partner looks before walking down the aisle happens. Take a breath and take it all in! Take in the greatness of your fiance before they become your spouse. Some couples and parents of couples fear that if the couple getting married sees each other ahead of time, they will not be moved by the moment she walks down the aisle. In all our experience of so very many weddings at Event-Serendipty, that has never been an issue. There is nothing like the moment when the music changes, all your closest family and friends stand to face the entrance, and the radiant bride proceeds down the aisle! It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Grooms are always moved seeing their bride come down the aisle whether they have seen the dress ahead of time or not. There is something about that moment when you look into your partner's eyes as they move toward you dresses so escquisitely that is irreplaceable.

The First Touch is for that couple that wants to share a private moment to be with their soon to be spouse without viewing the dress. Your wedding planner and photographer can arrange this quite easily. We find a corner or a doorway which you can each be on the other side and still touch hands without seeing each other. We can even situate one person and have the other person brought in with eyes closed and situated standing back to back with each other. All of these options allow our bride and groom to hold hands without seeing each other. There is something about holding the hand of the love of your life that is calming and indescribable. Having a First Touch brings your focus back to the abounding love between the two of you before the ceremony begins. It is a reassuring, grounding intimate moment before all the festivities commence and a beautiful way to kick-off your wedding day.

The First Vow is yet a third option for special moments between a couple right before walking down the aisle to get married. First Vow gives the couple the opportunity to read the vows their partner hand picked and personally wrote. In this private moment, you each get the opportunity to take in the depth of love your partner has for you before you hear him/her pronounce thier forever love for you in front of your dearest family and friends. It is easy to be swept away by the magnitude of the wedding ceremony itself during the exchange of vows. Having read the vows privately ahead of time allows you to truly hear the words and let them sink in. Having a First Vow reading is a very meaningful wedding tradition.

You can choose to mix and match these as well. Sometimes couples chose to combine the First Touch with the First Vow. Other times, brides choose to do a First Look with their dad and a First Touch/First Vow with their groom. It is your day, make your choices based on what is most important to you.

Photo Credit: Ulises-Reyes

First Look on Wedding Day
First Look of bride and groom in Houston Texas

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