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Who Needs a Travel Agent ? The Importance of a Travel Agent Cannot be Understated

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Now a days, it is not uncommon for travelers to feel empowered by all the do-it-yourself platforms offering ways to research on your own and book your own travel. And it is a good thing to have options and choices to find on your own. Is there really a need for travel agents or not? Who needs them?

YOU need a travel agent!

Travel Agents Do More Than You Might Think

What more do they do, than what you can do on a do-it-yourself website? All day long, every workday, they are immersed in the travel industry. When you hire a professional travel agent, you get the benefits of all their expertise and experience. Not only is your travel agent knowledgeable about the destinations and best times to travel to those destinations, but also updated on many other details such as travel advisories, recent travel news, weather conditions, and required documents needed for your trip. They are constantly on the lookout for the best trips and ready with expert travel recommendations. The importance of hiring a travel agent cannot be understated.

Your travel agent is the best one to help you stay within your monetary budget and still have the experience you want on your trip. They know the cost ranges and creative ways to save you money while traveling.

Your professional travel agent simplifies the entire travel planning process for you from start to finish. At Travel-Serendipity, our top priority as your travel agent is listening very carefully to what you want most out of your journey, ask all the pertinent questions, and customize your trip whether it be for a romantic getaway, fun vacation for the family, a group extravaganza, or a highly efficiently planned business trip.

It is very important to hire a travel agent when you are traveling out of the country to a place you have never visited before.

Travel Agents Have More Resources

Your professional travel agent has the credentials to access to hundreds of travel planning platforms where he/she is skilled in researching suppliers that can be bundled together to create beautiful discounts for you. Many times, this can include upgrades that travel agents are authorized to include in your package. Did you know that many times your travel agent can match deals you have found online?

Travel-Serendipity has travel agents available for your assistance and we also offer a dashboard for you to use if you would like to be hands on in choosing your travel options. Feel free to browse and search through some of this week’s hot deals where we have already put together some cool trips. We are just a call away for all your questions.


The convenience of having a professional travel planner research all your most suitable options removes so much stress from you as a traveler. You no longer need to spend a great deal of time researching and wondering if you have looked in all the best places for information. You have one simple person to communicate with, your personal travel agent! They do all the research. They fill out the forms, make the calls, and create the bookings. In turn, you have saved time and energy.

We Have Your Back

Travel-Serendipity travel agents are invested in your happiness and satisfaction offering you the highest level of personalized service. You have a real person watching your back and answering your specific questions. We take the guess work out of travel planning and simplify your planning experience. If anything unexpected happens, our expert travel agents handle the situation for you. We act as your traveler’s advocate! Before your trip begins, we can assist you in making changes and offer expert recommendations. During your trip, we help navigate through changing travel conditions should they arise. After the trip, we like to check in with you to find out how it all went. And once you have booked with our travel company, your next trip will be even easier! We keep your preferences in mind and keep a sharp eye out for more adventures that would be right up your ally.

Travel With Confidence

Professional travel agents educate you while they do your travel planning. Knowing what to expect during your trip gives the traveler confidence throughout their journey. We give you travel tips on what to pack, documents needed, types of customs you will go through, how to connect to your transfers and every single needed detail to make your vacation hassle-free. It is our job to connect you with outstanding reliable services all along the way.

Group Travel Always Needs a Travel Agent!

It is such a blast to travel in a group! And even more fun when your personal travel agent handles all the details for you. A travel agent takes that worry off your hands and streamlines the entire process for the whole group. Travel-Serendipity customizes your group travel to meet the specific needs of the group and finds all the best perks for your party. (destination weddings, birthday trips, girls’ trip, bachelor’s party, bachelorette’s party, sporting event trips, skiing, scuba diving, golfing trips, wine tours, faith based travel, and any other theme you can dream of) Become the point of contact person or group leader for your party and you will receive free amenities and/or upgrades that the rest of the individuals in the party will pay regular price for. Either way, each person in your group will benefit from hiring a travel agent who masterfully plans the itinerary. You get to have all the fun!

Travel to Paris using a travel agent,
Eiffel Tower in Paris: A travel agent gets you there more smoothly.

See The World

Travel can truly change the way you see the world! And a travel agent makes the world of difference for your journeys!

Contacting us is easy. We are happy to schedule a call, zoom, or meeting with you.

Pam McClendon

Owner & Independent Travel Agent

Destination Wedding Specialist

Group Travel Specialist

Certified Wedding Planner

Tour The Colosseum in Rome with the help of a travel agent.
The Colosseum in Rome: A travel agent helps you find the best tour.

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